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Energy Consumption Energy is used worldwide in various forms (electricity, gas, fuel, steam, etc), but its cost increases as fast as non-renewable resources are disappearing. In the last decades, the energy demand has never ceased to grow as colossal countries like China and India are developing and are in constant need of more energy. Source: European […]


Over the weekend, we exhibited at a fair for start-ups in Iceland to demonstrate their products and services. This fair (Nýsköpunartorg) took place at the University of Reykjavik and was not a typical industrial fair. Instead, this exhibition was open to the public and there were various activities offered for the entire family. In light […]

Know your energy

Finally, you can measure and monitor electrical load down to individual circuit branches.

Understand your energy usage

Simply add eTactica products to your new or existing electrical safety devices to gain detailed information about electricity consumption, load, and distribution inside of your building.

Save on your energy usage

Set up your eTactica account and use customised reports and tailored alerts to quickly identify energy waste, eliminate excessive usage, and significantly reduce your electricity costs.

Stay safe with electricity

Monitor electrical loads on individual circuits to avoid operational halts, reduce fire-hazards, and improve the reliability of your operations.



Making a difference in organising and managing energy operations.


Our eTactica products measure and collect electrical usage from mains down to the circuit level.

eTactica products are compact and simple to install in new or retrofit applications, for increased reliability and safety in energy management.


eTactica EMS


Our eTactica services monitor and analyse the energy data gained from the eTactica products.

eTactica services make energy data accessible and meaningful for improved transparency, and they empower energy savings through reports and instant alerts.


Providing solutions to different needs with the common goal of improvement.

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Blue Lagoon is a Geothermal spa, wellness and healthcare company with approximately 400,000 visitors each year. We installed eTactica in 2 cabinets and one sub cabinet in the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon identified several anomalies, such as overuse of electricity on lights in several areas. We installed motion sensors in the basement and customised alerts on pumps to anticipate failures.


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IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer. IKEA in Iceland aims for the highest levels of quality and reliability, and chose eTactica to monitor and compare their daily electricity usage to their daily operation data, and to support their overall environmental strategy.

arion-bank ar

Arion Bank is a leading Icelandic bank, offering a full range of financial services from its 24 branches located throughout Iceland. Arion Bank chose eTactica to increase cost awareness of its energy operations, and to identify potential energy savings.


Offering a flexible range of solutions to help you grow your business.

Become a certified distributor of eTactica products to increase your product offering. Contact us for more information about joining our ever-growing list of resellers.

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Empowering businesses to understand and optimise their energy operations.

The story

In 2006, we believed electricity monitoring should start at the circuit level. Since then, we have developed products to measure circuits and made our monitoring software system to empower savings and increase safety.


The business

We produce and sell our award winning end-to-end eTactica energy monitoring system. We provide the necessary services to help our customers conserve energy, make savings and safeguard load.


The team

Our team is a balanced and diverse combination of people with a passion for delivering innovative, cutting-edge solutions. We are motivated to create simple and meaningful solutions to improve energy management.